twentyone reasons why you should pick my creative brain

Yes! This freelance art director found himself a whopping 21 reasons why. They will be visible probably before the end of January 2021. Because I do have to pen down those bloody 21 reasons… For now, scroll down to get a glimpse of myself (Wilfred) and my work.

nrtwentyone • Wilfred Wissink | Freelance Art Director and Senior Creative

So how exactly can this freelance art director help you?

My core creative competences

Concept Development

Every introduction-, retail-, thematic campaign or (re)brand process starts with an idea. Feel free to pick nrtwentyone‘s brain for a creative outlook.

Art Direction

Connecting the dots and making sure your story gets the proper decoration. Always… No matter what stage or time and which audience.

Graphic / Digital Design

Your brand, product, or service needs intant recognisability. I’d love to make sure your identity stands out, is authentic, and convincing. That way it’ll be easy for your target audience to ‘fall in love’ with you.


Sample some of my work

Check out some previews of my work. Created while working for agencies and as a freelance Art Director / Creative. Like to see more? Hit the button or contact me and I’ll be happy to elaborate some more.


What people say about
working with me


More about Wilfred: freelance art director

Wilfred Wissink | nrtwentyone • Freelance Art Director and Senior Creative

After becoming an alumni at Junior Academy in Amsterdam in 1996, I started off as a freelance Jr. Art-Director / Visualizer in my hometown Arnhem. This resulted quickly in working for a small number of advertising agencies as an Art Director (HPC Concept, Dévelp b.v.), servicing various brands in different branches.

As of 2013, I picked up working as an independent freelance creative / art-director as well. Working in-house and for a number of agencies has provided me with a lot of experience in the creative communication field. Wether using traditional or cutting edge media implementation.

Wilfred Wissink | nrtwentyone • Freelance Art Director and Senior Creative



Art Direction




Graphic / Digital Design


UI / UX Design


Web Design



Like to pick Wilfred, FREELANCE ART DIRECTOR's brain even a bit more?

Depends on the content.

Both have their own unique challenges and are equally interesting.

Multi-channel please.

Straight through the middle. Although I do posses a brilliant left foot…

Single malt whisky please.

First and foremost a world citizen but nothing beats 026.

Preferably not but I can make it interactive…

Both are possible, just ask for an estimate.

We can, together. Like good ol’ Albert said: “The framing of a problem is often far more essential than its solution”, so yes, if we’re able to come to the essence of your problem, the solution is near.

Now where did we leave that damn bottle?!

Portfolio highlight

I strive to create original and engaging work that delivers results.