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Trendhopper ABRI concept advertising by nrtwentyone


“You like to eat herring?” Yes, I do in fact. But this visual is a good example of my eagerness to think a bit different on visual communication aspects.

Your brand needs to stand out in todays marketing landscape and captivate your target audience. That’s not going to happen if you apply regular, stale imagery and messaging.


my services

I can help you solve your creative problem applying my services using these 4 specialty areas:

Every campaign starts with an idea. Feel free to pick nrtwentyone‘s brain for a creative outlook.

Art Direction

Connecting the dots and making sure your story gets the proper decoration. Always… No matter what stage or time and which audience.

Graphic Design

Your brand, product, or service needs a face. nrtwentyone loves to make sure your identity stands out, is authentic, original and convincing, so it’ll be easy for your target audience to ‘fall in love’ with you.


Introduction, sales, or image campaign? There are many ways leading to your target audience… But which one will turn out to be the most effective one?

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The proof is in the pudding.
Check out some highlights from recent cases.
STAN logo for @ikbenstandby created by nrtwentyone

Branding Concept

Corporate Identity Dakpark Rotterdam by nrtwentyone | Wilfred Wissink
Dakpark Rotterdam

Identity Pitch

SWP magazine concept art direction and design by nrtwentyone | Wilfred Wissink
SWP Magazine

Magazine Concept Design

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who is this #21?

Enough with the showing off.
Let me introduce myself to you to get an idea who you're dealing with.

Early days

After becoming an alumni at Junior Academy in Amsterdam in 1996, I (Wilfred Wissink, aka nrtwentyone) started as a freelance Jr. Art-Director / Visualizer in my hometown Arnhem at a couple of agencies. 

freelance art direction by nrtwentyone | Wilfred Wissink for Amefa


As of 2013, I picked up working as an independent freelance creative / art-director as well. Working at and for a number of agencies has provided me with a lot of experience in the creative communication field. Wether using traditional or cutting edge media implementation.

nrtwentyone > Art Direction > Concept > Branding for ANWR-Garant NL


With a network containing various creative disciplines, I am able to cater your communication desires. So if you’re looking for someone to get your product or service to stand out in todays advertising landscape, you came to the right spot.



In need of a re-design, re-branding, or need an (interim) senior creative to add to your team?
Contact me by mail or call +31(0)623360433.

art direction and design by nrtwentyone | wilfred wissink contact


Self praise is no recommendation.
Read what others had to say about working with me:
"Wilfred brings not only strong design sensibility to each project, but a deeper understanding of the why. His work is rooted in an intelligent understanding of the objective with thorough attention to what is being communicated and what will be necessary to back up that communication. It is easy to recommend Wilfred after working with him directly on a a number of projects."

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My creative fields of expertise.
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Development
Branche experience
Home & Lifestyle Retail
Grocery & QSR Retail
Optician Services
Fashion & Shoe Retail
Jewellery Retail
Hair & Cosmetics
Cultural & Entertainment

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