Dakpark Rotterdam Identity

In need of a logo and mature brand identity, Dakpark Rotterdam asked Blancoo to roll out a pitch for professionals and amateurs, to come up with idea’s and designs. When I stumbled upon the contest online, I didn’t hesitate and started sketching right away. Out of 41 (!!!) entries, a combination of public and jury votes declared nrtwentyones entry the winning one.

There was one catch. Dakpark is a foundation that is based on the effort and dedication of volunteers, mostly living in the direct surroundings of the park in Delfshaven Rotterdam. Among those volunteers are graphic designers and web developers as well. Apart from the design, the foundation asked to deliver as much ‘tools and templates’ so that their own volunteers could roll-out the new identity themselves. Showcased below are some examples from the style guide provided by nrtwentyone. The Dakpark volunteers are working on implementing the new brand identity as we speak. Online and offline.

And for you non Dutchie’s, Dakpark translated into English means ‘Roof(top) park’… Get it? 😉

Stichting Dakpark Rotterdam
Pitch co-ordinated by:
Winning entry by:
Wilfred Wissink | nrtwentyone

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